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What Are The Advantages (And Disadvantages) Of Joint Custody?Judges in New York often favor joint custody arrangements when possible in divorce cases. However, joint custody is not alway...Ten Commandments For Parents In Custody CasesCustody and Visitation cases have very emotional components involving your former partner. Even though you are no longer in a...New York Child Abuse Laws: An OverviewIn New York, child abuse laws fall under the Criminal Code. Under Family Court Act, Section 1012.(e), an abused child is one ...Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer BreakThe summer break offers an excellent opportunity for kids to have fun, but it may not be as exciting for divorced parents. Ch...Will Your Social Media Sink Your Case?Unless you are stuck in the stone age, you are likely an active smartphone or a computer user. These little devices of modern...What You Need To Know About Your Childs PassportIt’s almost time for summer travel and your children need their passports. They may have a valid passport and you need it to ...How Does A New York Court Determine The Best Interests Of A Child For Custody?The primary factor in determining which parent will get physical and/or legal custody of a child in New York is the “best int...How To Ready Your Finances When Facing DivorceIf you expect to file for divorce or expect it may occur in the near future, there are a few things you can do to streamline ...noteNew York Family Law GroupThe skilled family attorneys at New York Family Law Group aim to give their clients skilled representation and educate them a...